Monday, December 31, 2012


Defragging - does it speed up my computer?

Many of our clients ring and say “I defragged my computer but it isn’t faster”…

Defragmenting a computer or “defragging” may not significantly speed up your computer. In days past it certainly did make a difference but there are many other things that also contribute to slow speeds.

What does “defrag” mean? Simply put…
It means to clean up the fragmented parts of the hard drive (fragment means scattered bits that need to be put back into place that have been moved). A more detailed explanation is given here on our website under the articles section: 

If you defrag, your computer it will run more efficiently, but not necessarily faster.

For a faster machine you will need to examine and fix other issues. DP Computing can help you with a computer clean and will look at the following areas:
  • startup programs.
  • amount of system memory and free hard drive space.
  • unneeded programs running in the background.
  • bloated security software.
  • slow server and Internet speeds at your location.
  • old system drivers and software.
amongst other things.

To book your computer in for a computer cleanup contact DP Computing at or visit out website at the following link - Adelaide Computer Repair.

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