Monday, May 19, 2014

What is a NUC?

You may have heard of the term NUC but don't know what it is?

Well NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing which simply means a small computer. The small size opens the usage up to a series of different usages such as:
  • a multimedia machine
  • usage in small spaces
  • digital signage
The unit can be attached to the back of a monitor and has inbuilt WIFI so space and cords can be kept to a minimum.

For a look inside a NUC check out the following video:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3 Teardown

Well it had to happen. After I dropped my phone into water and the phone survived (check out the video here - one of my techs left a phone in his trousers and then it went through the wash.

We tried the rice method of saving the phone (to try and save your phone check out the steps here- but was unsuccessful.

So what to do with a broken smart phone? Well we decided to pull it apart and video the process to show others what the insides of the Galaxy S3 smartphone looks like.

So check out the video below and if you have any comments please leave them below.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Laptop Teardowns / Openings / Upgrades / Take Aparts

On our Youtube Chanel we are creating a series of videos that show users how to open a variety of laptops. This will enable you to repair the internals, replace components, clean the internal fans or upgrade the laptops. Each of the videos start with steps on how to unscrew or disassemble that particular model to remove the outer panels and then show you the main internal components and how to upgrade or replace them.

We mainly focus on laptops from Toshiba but have other videos on HP, Acer & Dell (with other brands being added in the future when we are able to source them).

Check out our videos and playlists below:

DP Computing Youtube Channel 

Laptop Teardown Videos

Toshiba Laptop Teardown Videos

HP Laptops and Server Upgrades

If you have any questions please leave them below or add them to the comments field of the video.

How to upgrade the Toshiba Satellite U50D Ultrabook

Do you have a Toshiba U50D Ultrabook and need to upgrade the unit?

Are you looking at buying this model ultrabook and want to see whats inside the box that you buy?

Then check out the videos below. They will show you:
  • open up the unit to upgrade the components inside.
  • upgrade or replace the hard drive.
  • upgrade to a SSD drive.
  • the insides of both the box and see the actual insides of the laptops.
  • clean the internal fan and heatsink if your laptop is running hot.
  • how to upgrade the memory
If you have any questions please leave them below.

Unboxing the Toshiba Satellite U50D

How to open or teardown the Toshiba Satellite U50D