Monday, April 7, 2014

QNAP TS-212P Hard Drive Install

The QNAP TS-212P is a great NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for SOHO and home use. The device is a barebones unit so you need to know how to install the hard drives yourself.

We have created a video showing how to install and also remove the internal hard drives in this unit.
If your NAS is running hot or the internal fan has stopped working the video also shows how to remove and replace the fan.

Check out the video and if you have any questions please let me know below.

Upgrading a Toshiba Satellite L750D

Do you want to know how to change the memory or hard drive in a Toshiba Satellite L750D?

The following Youtube video shows you exactly what to do and also describes how to change the internal BIOS battery and WIFI module.

I believe the same steps will also work on the Toshiba Satellite  L750 / L755 and L755d series laptops.

If you have any  questions please leave them below.