Thursday, July 23, 2015

ASUS F453M Teardown / Memory Upgrade / HDD Upgrade

Some laptops are easy to upgrade others are a pain in the bum even to add more memory to them. The Asus F453M laptop is one of those that is a pain in the bum.The Asus F453M laptop is a low end laptop suited for basic office and home usage. Well it may be cheap but Asus have made it hard to perform simple tasks such as upgrading the memory or swapping a hard drive. This blog post shows you how to perform various hardware upgrade to this model as well as an unboxing video.

The model we had only came with 2G of RAM so we decided to upgrade it to 4G. This is usually a very simple job on most laptop (ie remove one or two screws on the back of the laptop and then pop in the new memory). Well on this model laptop the whole motherboard needs to be removed before you can access the memory lot. On top of that there is only 1 slot available so you will need to remove the current memory DIMM and replace it with your new memory.

The following video shows the steps needed to teardown the Asus F453M laptop and allows you to see how to:
  • upgrade the memory or RAM.
  • change or replace the hard drive.
  • replace the keyboard
  • change the battery.
  • change or swap out the WIFI module.
  • swap the motherboard.
  • install or replace the optical drive.

Check out the video before showing the unboxing of this model laptop.

If you have any questions please leave them int he comments section of Youtube (preferred) or below.


  1. Great video thanks. My Asus F453M just would not power up. I took it apart and disconnected the battery and powered it up using the charging cable power adapter and it worked. I then held down the power button for 30 seconds and then powered down. I reconnected the battery and tried it again and it was fine. I put it all back together and now the laptop is fine again.

  2. Hi, thanks for your video. I want to know can I change a 8G ram into the Asus F453M ? Thank you.

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