Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dell Latitude E5540 Opening / Teardown / Upgrading

Do you need to upgrade a Dell Latitude E5540 and don't know where to start?

Then check out our video on Youtube (see below). The video shows you how to:
  • open the unit to access the internals
  • remove the hard drive to replace it with another one or a SSD.
  • upgrade or increase the memory
  • replace the wifi module
  • clean the internal fan if your laptop is running hot.
  • replace the main battery or the internal BIOS battery.
I noticed on Dell's official technical manual on this unit that it states to only remove 3 screws to remove the backplate. This is incorrect and the this video will show you what screws need to be removed.

The direct link tot he video is -

We also have tear downs or opening of other laptops on our Youtube playlist -

If you have any questions please leave them below.

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